The DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL has allocated 50% of the profits received from advertising to a compensation fund for losses from net investments, in particular by investing in HYIP projects. The protection fund for each INVESTMENT POOL does not have an “End Date”, the end of protection occurs when the project stops paying (scammed or closed).

For every investment project:

  1. The amount of the compensation fund established from $ 250 to $ 500

  2. It’s indicate the reference plan chosen for the counts

  3. Each investor's accounting is based on the date and amount of the deposit made

  4. We updated the reports daily with the progress of each deposit

  5. When the project stops paying compensation, it will be for the benefit of those who have lost money

The fund is managed by the INVESTMENT POOL Manager through a web-based procedure, which updates daily the statement of each investor

Thanks to this information, everyone can see the progress of the project and of the POOL itself.

Joining a DGIP does not require payment, the only obligation is to participate using our referral link

Once the deposit has been completed, the POOL registration must be requested via email at [email protected], once the manager verifies it, then the investor can enter the POOL.

The DGIP respects the anonymity of its members, will be used for reports only the first 3 characters of the username and email.

Projects benefiting from the IP show these graphics:

These respectively indicate projects with a maximum coverage of 250 and 300 $